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Lyons Public Library Display Policy

Lyons Public Library: Display Policy        

The Library Board of Lyons Public Library has established these guidelines to govern the use by the public of library space for displays, notices, handouts and other promotional activities. The library strives to provide space for the community to share information in accordance with the library’s mission.

Permitted Uses: Library display space may be used by organizations that, by virtue of their purpose and membership, complement the library’s goal of serving the educational, cultural, and civic needs of the community, and by individuals who wish to display exhibits of art, handicrafts, or collections that enhance the library’s role as a cultural agency in the community.

Application and Approval Process: Organizations and individuals wishing to display must submit a Library Display Reservation Request form (attached) to the Librarian. The organization or individual must provide a liaison who is a North Santiam Canyon resident or affiliated with a N. Santiam Canyon organization, sponsor or institution, and is at least 18 years old. The liaison /sponsor must sign the reservation request form and agree to bear the ultimate responsibility for the display and to ensure that it is set up and removed according to the schedule, and that the contents and design are consistent with the requirements and guidelines set forth in this policy. Reservations will not be approved until all the information and signatures for the request form have been provided.

Reservations: When not being used by the library or library-related organizations, display space may be reserved up to 12 months in advance, or on a first-come, first-served basis. No group or individual, with the exception of the library and the Friends of the Library, may place more than 4 reservations in a 12 month period. Additional displays will be permitted without advance reservation if a display space is available one month prior to the exhibition.

Duration: Displays are for a one month duration, beginning with the first open day of the library each month. Displays must be removed from the library in a timely manner. The library reserves the right to remove and dispose of any display left beyond its termination date. Displays must be set up and removed during regular library hours. The library reserves the right to extend any display.

Information about Displays: The name and contact information of the organization or individual sponsoring a display must appear clearly and prominently within the display. Completed reservation request forms are public record and will be made available to the public or press upon written request.

The library will take reasonable measures to safeguard displays, but displays are accepted with the understanding that the library is not liable for any damage to or theft of materials offered for display.

Notices and Handouts

Permitted Uses: With the approval as provided below, organizations may post and leave handouts of an educational, cultural, or civic nature in the library. 

Approval Process: No notice shall be posted, nor any handout displayed, without the approval of the Librarian. Organizations may not post notices or place handouts themselves; the library reserves the right to determine exactly where a notice or handout will be located, and how it is to be displayed.

Duration: Notices or handouts will be removed and disposed of after they become dated, or earlier, if in the opinion of the Librarian they have been displayed for a reasonable period and space is needed for other material.


Priorities: Displays, bulletin boards, and areas where handouts may be placed are also needed to publicize library and library-related programs, activities, services, and materials, and to post required legal notices. Priority shall be given to these needs.

Prohibited Uses and Practices: Displays may not be used to promote or advertise, directly or indirectly, a commercial product or service.

Materials urging support of or opposition to candidates in a particular election or issues on the ballot are prohibited.

No material which is obscene, defamatory, invades a particular person’s privacy, or directly incites violence may be posted or displayed.

Prices may not be affixed to any material or display, although an exhibitor’s name, address and telephone number may be posted.

Material and equipment that, in the opinion to the Library Board, are potentially dangerous to library users, staff, or property may not be brought into any area of the library.

Solicitations: Organizations and individuals may not solicit money or donations in the library, nor may any receptacle be placed in the library soliciting donations without permission from the Library Board. Displays, notices, and handouts announcing or promoting fundraising programs and activities sponsored by the not-for-profit     organizations will be permitted, provided the requirements stipulated in this policy statement are met.

Sponsorship or Endorsement: Allowing the use of the library space by an organization or individual for displays or related activities does not constitute library sponsorship of that organization or individual or the viewpoints or activities they are promoting. Advertisements or announcements that either directly or indirectly imply otherwise shall not be permitted.

Non-Compliance: The library reserves the right to refuse or remove any display, notice, or handout that does not comply with these policies and guidelines.

If this policy is abused, the organization or individual’s display privileges may be suspended. The library reserves the right to deny use to any exhibit it feels does not conform with the purpose of the display or is not in the best interest of the library to promote.

The library also reserves the right to remove any display that is not removed at the end of its reserved time period. The library will retain materials no longer than 30 days before disposing of said materials.

Library Display Case Reservation Request

Liaison/Sponsor: (must be a N. Santiam Canyon resident, or affiliated with a N. Santiam Canyon organization, and at least 18 years old)

Name: ________________________________

Address: ______________________________

Phone: _______________________________

Organization* _________________________

Organizations, institutions, sponsors or individuals must, by virtue of their purpose and membership, complement the library’s goal of serving the educational, cultural, and civic needs of the Lyons community. Displays by individuals are limited to exhibits of artworks, handicrafts, or collections that enhance the library’s role as a cultural agency in the community.

Applicant’s Name: (If different from above)

Name: _______________________________

Address: _____________________________

Phone: ______________________________

Briefly describe the nature and purpose of the display:

Month you wish to reserve display space:

General Guidelines for Focus and Appearance of Display

The library display case affords organizations the opportunity to inform the community about themselves, their purposes, goals and services or events they sponsor or become involved with. An organization should make such information the primary focus of its display. Displays should visually enhance the library and care should be taken to make them attractive, with the name of their organization prominent and legible.

I have reviewed, understand, and agree to abide by the Lyons Public Library Display Policy which governs the reservation and use of library display space. I agree to assume responsibility for the display and to insure that it is setup and removed on time and that its contents and design are consistent with the requirements and guidelines set forth in the above-mentioned policy.

Signature of Liaison/Sponsor: __________________________________

Date: _____________________________

For Library Use:

Application received by: ______________________________

Date: ____________________________

Application approved by: ______________________________

Date: ___________________________

Confirmation letter sent by: ____________________________

Date: ___________________________

Comments/notes: ____________________________________

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