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Library Internet Rules

Internet Rules

                 1                    You must sign in to use the Internet computers with a valid library card in or a guest pass. User must show ID before logging onto a computer. We assume you know how to use the                                               Internet, we can give minimal assistance.


2                    If under 18 (eighteen) years of age, a parent must come in and sign a permission release form.


3                    Time will be assigned in 1 hour blocks. To assure a certain time, please sign up in advance. There is a limit of 2 hours per day.  Preference will go to job searches and school work.


4               Copies are 20 cents a page. If reference materials, the first 2 pages are free, then 10 cents thereafter. Please do a “print preview” before printing. You will need to let the circ desk know you have something to print, so the pages can be released.


5                    No food or drink is allowed at the computer, you may leave them on the table. Please use clean hands.


6                    Patrons accessing offensive or inappropriate materials will lose their Internet privileges. If under 18, parents will be notified.


7                    Items downloaded will not stay. If you must save, bring a flash drive.


8                    Please respect Patrons privacy.


9                    Sign out of your session, Do not log off computers.


10                Violation of these rules will result in termination of your time and possibly from future usage. You will receive one warning.



Brenda Harris,
Jun 19, 2021, 1:57 PM