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Family Delinquent Account Policy

Family Delinquent Account Policy                   

In the interest of protecting the collections of the Lyons Public Library and of the other libraries in the Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service, the Librarian and circulation staff may link family accounts and limit access under the following circumstances:

1. If there are lost or damaged items and overdue fines on the adult registration in the family over the $50.00 limit that would trigger an account being sent to collections;

2. If the minor’s registration in the family reveals lost or damaged items and overdue fines exceeding the $50.00 collection threshold;

3. If there is a continuous, verifiable record of abuse of library privileges by family members, to include lost and damaged materials and habitual overdue fines in excess of $10.00;

 The Librarian and circulation staff shall have the right to limit all family cards to one checkout and one hold if any of the above conditions apply to a family’s account(s). These restrictions shall remain in place until fines are cleared or arrangement for payment has been made.

For the purpose of the policy, a “family” is defined as persons who live at the same address.



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