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Book Adventure 

Search for books you want to read based on interests and your reading level. Other fun games and book quizzes make this site a must for all readers. 

Book Hive: Your Guide to Children’s Literature & Books 

Listen to books read by your favorite authors, create your own reading list, and test your knowledge of Harry Potter. 

PBS Interactive Stories for Kids 

Read a story, play an important role in the story or create one of your own. 

PBS Between the Lion Stories 

read a story with your favorite lions. There are over 60 stories to choose from with colorful pictures and interactive games. 

The Prince and I 

Create your own movie with the Ultrabug Cliposcope, go on a scientific adventure, or make your own blob 

Children’s Literature Web Guide 

Lists of children's book awards, bestsellers, online stories, and resources for teachers and parents. 

Clifford the Big Red Dog 

create your own fun interactive story with Clifford and friends. Many other games and activities abound on this site. 

Book Reviews 

read reviews of your favorite books. Get some tips that can help you read. And read about Mr. Man and all his friends.


National Geographic for Kids 

search for mysterious monsters such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Read about man-eating lions and fly into the middle of a hurricane. 

ZUZU – Online Newspaper for Kids 

Online Newspaper for Kids - poetry, fiction, and artwork by kids for kids. Has everything from sci-fi and mystery to cats and dogs. 


An online magazine for kids stories, artwork, reviews, and articles. Read kids' opinions on school violence and uniforms.

Sign Language and Braille

Sign Language 

Learn sign and finger spelling from Arthur.

Braille Bug

Play games and learn to send secret messages to your friends.