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tDiscover dinosaurs through descriptions, definitions, and drawings of these terrible lizards.

The Dinosauria 

Find the truth about dinosaur myths and hear about current dinosaur discoveries in America, 

Discovering Dinosaurs 

From lizard to dinosaur to bird? How has our knowledge of dinosaurs changed from 1820 to the present? 

PBS Nature 

Fun facts, video clips, pictures, and articles on nature's most   interesting creatures. 


The National Zoo 

Visit the Smithsonian National Zoological Park from the comfort of your home. Also find out what you can do to help save endangered species. 

Farms Safety 4 Just Kids 

Games, coloring pages, quizzes and safety tips that will help you have a fun and safe time at the farm. 

Caterpillars & Mystery Bugs 

Bug stories, a bug's life, bug games, and... bug food? 

Microbe Zoo 

They're everywhere! In the trash, in your yard, in your home, in your food, and even in your mouth. Yuck! 

Kids' Planet 

Discover the life of a spider, the world of wolves, and the endangered environment.