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Crafts and Reading Suggestions

Here are some links for some crafting sites that you can look at to get crafting ideas. 
Pinterest- Pinterest is a fun website to get ideas about a variety of craft ideas. Not all postings on the site will lead to patterns. Some patterns are free but not all of them. This is a fun place to look if you are needing inspiration for an idea or a project. All you have to do it sign up with a email address and create and account. The site is free and has an app. 
Creative Bug- Creative Bug does charge a membership fee. However it gives you access to patterns and classes for a variety of projects. 
Craftster- This is a craft hipster site that shows independent people's crafts and ideas. This site full of fun ideas that you can do yourself or with the family. People post crafts that they did and you can look through for some fun inspiration for your next craft project. 

Reading Ideas:
Here are some links to sites that can help you find your next book or maybe even find suggestions on a new author.
Goodreads- This is a fantastic site. If you create an account, for free, you can keep track of all the books you have read, follow authors, and read reviews of what others thought. There are also community boards for books clubs so that you can talk to other people about books. There is also lists created for you to browse based on authors, genre, and other key words for your next great read. It really is a fun site to explore and they also have an app so that you can always have access to your list of books that you would like to one day read. 
FantasticFiction- This site has listed over 40,000 authors that have bibliographies and a list of the authors books. This is a great way to find out which book is next in a series. They also have suggestions for other authors you might like based on that author. You can also follow authors on this site so that you can keep up to date on any books about to be released.