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This page is to give you ideas for websites for cooking ideas. Most of these are friendly for all types of people and you can also limit your search to recipes that fill a certain need. 
Allrecipes- This is a fun website that also has an app. It is free to use and when you sign up it will allow for you to save recipes, make notes on them for future cooking and also you can read suggestions and comments people have made on recipes to improve it. There is also a dinner spinner on the website that will pick a random recipe based on what you have available in your home. They have Vegan, Vegetarian, and allergy sensitive recipes for those that have food sensitivity. 
Delish- This website gives you a lot of recipes, especially for special occasions. They have videos with some of their recipes and you can save the recipe or share it from their website. They even have recipes for children if you want to involve the family as well. 
Pinterest- Another good site for ideas. A lot of the recipes are from other websites but they are all available for you to browse through Pinterest. This is a good way to search for something and browse through a bunch of results.