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How To Set Up Text Messaging

You can now have text messaged notices to let you know when your holds are available for pick up and when items are due. There are two ways that you can have this set up:

Set it up yourself
  • You can set up text messages by logging into your My Account on the CCRLS website.
  • Then under Personal Information you will see a tab labeled Text Message Notification.
  • Simply click on that tab and add a number.
    • You can label the phone number if you have multiple phones you wish to add to the account. Simply enter your full phone number then check the notices you would like to receive. IF you wish to get announcements of events your library is hosting check the General Announcement box. 
    • After you are satisfied with what you have checked, just save the number and you will start to receive text notices. 
If you are having difficulty setting this up or are unable to, you can always come into the library and we will be happy to set it up for you. Just bring in your library card and we can do it from our computer.