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Download and set up Kanopy

Kanopy is an app you can download or watch on your browser that will give you access to over 30,000 films from more than 1,000 top producers such as Janus Films, The Great Courses, PBS, and Samuel Goldwyn. Kanopy adds upwards of 300 new releases per month, maintaining ongoing currency and variety. This is available to our patrons who have a library card, for free! 
Kanopy's motto is "Throughtful Entertainment" and they showcase major and unique films that both entertain and educate its viewers. This fits with our mission as your library, to encourage lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen communities. 
When you sign up with Kanopy you will be given 5 free credits a month to spend on any film you wish to watch. However, be careful not to click Play on any film you do not wish to spend credit on. Once you spend it you cannot get it back. When you do spend a credit you have 3 days to watch the film. Once you spend all your credits you will not get anymore until the 1st of the following month. Credits do not roll over. You only get a max of 5 play credits a month

How to download and watch:
  • First go to GooglePlay store, Apple App Store, Roku, or Amazon Fire. If you do not wish to download the app you can always watch it on your computer by going to the website https://www.kanopy.com/
  • Download the free app then create an account.
  • Once you have created your account you will need to verify your email address. 
  • Next select your library by searching for Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service.
  • Then enter your library card number and pin. 
  • Now you can watch your shows anywhere at any time. 
Kanopy does allow, closed caption, subtitles, and transcripts. You can also set your profile to "disability mode" via the app so that every time you try and watch a film it will automatically have your needs met. 
For CC: When watching the film on your computer simple click on CC for closed captions. You can change the setting of the CC so that the words are bigger, for there to be a background with the text, the color of the text and for it to be in a window. Once this is set up on the computer it will keep these setting until you change it. 
For Transcripts: Click on More and select Transcripts while the film plays and they will appear below the film. 
English Subtitiles: If you need English subtitles on foreign film will happen automatically or you will have to click on CC. 
If there are any films that do not have CC you can send in a request via Kanopy.