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Download an ebook or audiobook

You can download audio or ebooks online from the CCRLS website or Libby.

CCRLS will allow you to download books onto your computer, phone or tablet to allow you easy access to hundreds of material. Just search for the book or audio book that you want and download it directly onto your device. You can also keep track of your items by using CCRLS Mobile app. You can download these programs from the website or from your mobile store.


Library2Go (Libby)
This program allows for you to download ebooks, audiobooks, and more from the library's digital collection. You can download from the website or from the mobile app, which is available on both Apple and Android devices. After downloading the app or opening a web browser on your computer, all you need to do is have your library card ready.

Step 1. Find your library.
    After opening OverDrive it will ask you to add a library. Find the library on the list and select it.
Step 2. Find your book
    You can search for both audio books and ebooks. Just make sure that you enter all the numbers on your library card. If you have any problems please call us and we will be happy to help. Once you find the item you wish to borrow simply click on it, and if it is available, it will show up on your Bookshelf.
Step 3. Enjoy your book!
    After you have the book checked out, you can download it onto your device to read, or listen to offline at your pleasure. When you are done simply send it back. The item will automatically remove itself from your OverDrive account once it is due. You can also renew items if they are not requested by other people simply by going to the Loans page and select "Request again".